Generating awareness and rehabilitation of HIV\AIDS in local level, GARA

HIV\AIDS is one of the chronic and highly increasing syndromes in the world. According to WHO more than one billions peoples have suffered from it. It has been causing by RNA HIV Retro virus, which mostly affect the lymphocyte of the WBC( White Blood Cell) of human. It is a human disease and affects the resistance power. This disease has mainly three stages i.e. window period, career period and AIDS period. If the patients are identifying in the first stage we can give normal life and all the necessary things properly. Yes, it is very true that we cannot completely cure the HIV\ADIS but we can minimize its effects. From AIDS, India is highly affected, the world's biggest populations of HIV\AIDS are living in India and it is our neighboring country with open border and common socio-cultural practices. That is why; Nepal is also the affected area from this disease. But it is very true that we don't have any worse condition, it is under the controllable position, If people are aware and exposed about the knowledge and information about it, we can find a bit different situations from it. We have found out that most of the HIV positive persons are not treated properly and deprived from all types of social opportunities as well. That is why, this program is designed to give knowledge, trainings, financial and social reformations of the HIV victims in Nepal and let as make AIDS fear free country in the world.

Project Objectives

When this program will launch, we are assured the following objectives will have completed within One year and the local people will get so maximum health related aids within themselves and by our side. The following will be the outcomes from our programs to the local people.• To decrease the negative attitudes about HIV\AIDS. • To give the grand opportunities in the sector of remote areas' people in the field of health promotions. • We have assured that five lakhs people will get the benefit from this project directly and indirectly. • To assist the poor and marginal people with up to 100% educational and health supports • To provides the ideas, techniques, methodologies and the processes of safe sex • To assist people for the implementation of sex and reproductive health as well as the effects of multiple sexual relationship

Project Activities

To fulfill and prove this project, we have assured by the different types of activities in the sense of limited time schedule:

  • This program is going to launch for 50 VDCs of remote districts of Nepal.

  • Generation awareness programs.

  • Nearly 100 people will get direct employment.

  • The local people will get training, formal educations and informal educations.

  • Advertisements and media helps.

  • Rehabilitation of the HIV patients.

  • Skills development trainings and self employment approaches.

  • Researches, data analysis and reports presentations from the experts.

  • Control mechanism of girls trafficking and Sex markets.

  • Medical checkup and free medicine distributions including Lab tests.

  • Regular monitoring from the specialist doctors.

  • Economic aids to the HIV positive families up to Fifty thousand Nepalese currency skill development, animal husbandry, agriculture, income generating activities, etc.

  • Academic assistances to the HIV positive children up to one lakh and the amount will be deposited in the local financial institution, from the regular interests from the deposited amount will be used for the academic expanses of the children with the coordination from the local government aided school. After complication of the class twelve all the money will be given to the concern students for his\her future progress.

  • Public discussion programs with HIV patients, local authorities, security personals and local bodies once in a months during project time.

  • Street drams regarding the awareness of HIV AIDS.

  • Health camps in 50 places of the target districts.