Participatory Environmental Sanitation Program – PESP

This program is focused upon the rural areas of Nepal where the communities are poor and under the environmental sanitation and promotion as well as conservation . This program is especially launching for ninety VDCs and nine districts of Nepal. This environmental project will give benefits to various people from different angle of sustainability such as employment, health, career build up, ownership, etc.

Project Objectives

In this case study of different districts of their villages we came to the conclusion that these areas are really marginalized and under the environmental promotions. People are stilling using all the traditional ways for their livelihood and housing. Non- of the governmental and other organization had paid their kind attention regarding the people and their sustainable environment and development. When we had research in those areas we across the needs and finally came to the report that these people are waiting kind responses towards their personal social and ecological matters. Our designed project is really the one way to give reliefs and can motive the people for the use of eco-friendly residence and develop society which is mostly awaited movement for them. We have designed some plans and their practicing models which are best suited in these districts of our country. Our primary research had also added that the people and the whole communities are below the social, educational, economical, environmental, health, infrastructural development, etc. so, we think that our program is best shit to these areas for the betterment of deserving and needy people.

Project Activities

To fulfill and prove this project, we have assured by the different types of activities in the sense of limited time schedule:

  • This program is going to launch for 95 VDC of remote districts of Nepal.

  • At least 100 Bio- gas plant,150 effective ovens and 150 latrines will be established of every VDC during the project session.

  • Nearly 200 people will get direct employment.

  • The local people will get training to make the Bio-gas plants, oven and Latrines, at least, 10 candidates will be fixed of every VDC.

  • 950 trained people can involve as skill manpower for this project which are already trained by this project.

  • 2, 80,000 people will be benefited from this mega project out of 38000 families.

  • UP to 98% donation we will be managed that to establish the 9500 Bio-gas, 14250 effective oven and 14250 latrine by this project.

  • During the first phase of one month, there will be research and data collection for this project.

  • In the 2nd phase, informative program and training session will be conducted.

  • In the 3rd phase, the nomination of candidates and program events will be launched.